Custom Recruiting, Done For You

Recruiting can feel overwhelming and chaotic — not only figuring out what to include in the job description, but also where to post your jobs, and how to sort through the hundreds upon hundreds of candidates who apply.


What if it didn't have to be that way? What if you could hire a partner who could, for a reasonable price, bring you two to five dream candidates — and all you'd have to do is interview them?


With a traditional recruiting firm or software, you have to deal with large pools of candidates who aren't vetted specifically for your company's needs.


We take that process and turn it on its head, screening candidates and evaluating performance with your exact needs in mind. 


We're a recruiting company built specifically for small businesses. You shouldn't have to spend hours of your valuable time, or lie awake with anxiety, in order to find the perfect team member   — so let the small business recruiting experts do the searching for you. 


The Strength of Our Process

  • We craft job descriptions that attract your dream candidate

    We work with you to create a job description that's specific, attracts the candidates you want, and highlights what your company has to offer.

  • We find people who are excited about your company

    We search for candidates who aren't looking for just any job — they can't wait to work for you and your company. 

  • We perform in-depth résumé reviews based on your needs

    We take the criteria that we've developed with you and review candidates to ensure that all applicants meet the needs of your company. 

  • We speak to every qualified candidate

    We make the process efficient and effective by performing phone-screens on your behalf, ensuring candidates are prepared for the rigors of your business.

  • We create a work-sample challenge to evaluate candidates equally

    We work with you to develop a work-sample challenge that tests candidates' skills for your specific needs, while also evaluating their commitment to your company before they even start. 

  • We provide you with detailed feedback on each applicant

    When it comes time to make a decision, you're not in this alone. You can have an in-depth conversation with at least two people from our team who have interacted with each candidate. We'll share our thoughts on what separates each person from the pack, what experiences they bring to the table, and more. 

Ready to meet your dream candidates?


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